Public Notice of the Crime of Fraud

TO:  Travis Allen,
Assemblyman, California District 72
17011 Beach Blvd, Suite #1120
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 843-4966 – (714) 843-6375 fax

Pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C. § 4

Crime: As one of the people, it is my duty and obligation to report to you the crime of fraud on the people of the united States of America.

Crime Victim:  The American people.

Criminal Perpetrator(s):  Unspecified members of Congress since 1862.

Background:  A series of investigations reveals a consistent pattern of criminal behavior has been committed by certain members of the Congress of the united States of America.

Scope of this document:  This notice deals with one such abuse. There are many others which will be dealt with separately.

Time Frame:  From approximately 1862 through the current time and date.

The authority by which you are compelled to act on behalf of the people of California:
1. America, is a nation of laws.  As Americans we respect the rule of law.
2. Each state of the federation is guaranteed a republic form of government.
3. As a representative of the people of the state of California, you too are obligated to faithfully guarantee this form of government to each of your constituents.
4. The Constitution demands you take an oath of office to guarantee your obedience to the law.
5. The oath of office is a contract between each public servant and their respective constituents.  Upon receiving the first payment for services from the public treasury, the contract is consummated regardless of the status of the oath of office.
6. Your oath of office obligates you to act on the part of your constituents to faithfully represent them and protect their interests.
7. Public service is a trust. As a public servant you also have fiduciary responsibilities to protect the interests of the public trust of which you are a trustee. Your performance, in this area, is governed by trust law.
8. There are absolutely no restrictions in your oath of office to prevent you or any other public servant from obeying your oath and fulfilling your sacred and solemn obligations and responsibility to support and defend the Constitution of the united States of America. There are absolutely no restrictions!   No jurisdictional limitations and no authoritarian hierarchal restrictions.

The crime defined:
1. In matters of lawful process, any lawful process fails on the first defect.
2. There are no statute of limitations on fraud
3. The 14th Amendment was fraudulently represented as properly and lawfully ratified.
4. All legislative orders, bills, processes since this event are null and void.
5. There has been no lawful federal government since about 1862.

Required Action:
1. By 31 August 2014 the following remedial actions are to be faithfully executed on behalf of the people.
2. Verify and publicly recognize the crime as reported.
3. Notify all California state representatives of this crime.
4. There is nothing to debate, discuss or negotiate in this matter.  The evidence speaks for itself.
5. Acting on behalf of all Californians, as the state assembly, notify the Congress of their criminal actions and breach of contract. Immediately suspend all payments to the federal government pending resolution.
6. Revoke the authority of the federal services corporation to act further on behalf of the people.
7. Suspend operations of all district, administrative and municipal courts until the breach of contract is resolved and they begin operating as a de jure agency.
8. Suspend all payments for services to all public servants not in compliance with the oath of office until Constitutional
issues are resolved and all Constitutional protections are properly restored.
9. All damage and injuries perpetrated on the victims of this initial fraud and all subsequent abuses must be corrected and
remedy applied in the form of complete restitution to the satisfaction of the victims.

arnie rosner, one of the people
8905 Rhine River Avenue
Fountain Valley, California 92708-5607

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