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Muslim ‘REFUGEE’ Comes Over with 23 Kids & 4 Wives – How Much Welfare He Gets Is Infuriating

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A SYRIAN migrant has sparked outrage after allegedly using his four wives and 23 children to rake in over $336,000 a year in benefits.

The man named only as Ghazia, a fled Syria with his huge family last year, has since settled in Germany.

Ghazia A. (49) was a self-employed cars salesman in Syria, where he provided for himself and his large family.

But in 2015 he traveled to Germany, and that was the end of his self- sustaining.

In Germany, he does not lift a finger. He lives on social welfare paid by German taxpayers. And he does so with his four wives and 22 children. He also has an adult daughter who is married in Saudi Arabia.

So it would be interesting to see how much he would earn if he was in the USA and we all know how many cases of Muslims coming into our country and living on welfare!

A U.S. economist has calculated how much this family would take from the U.S. Treasury. He reached a figure that it is about $ 360,000 a year.
Yet vets struggle every day. Not to mention hard working people who live payday to payday.

That figure has led many Americans to see red at the fact that they are the ones who must pay the large sum. Money to healthy adults who do not work undermine American values with polygamy.

In Muslim countries, a man is usually allowed to have up to four wives.

Ghazia is one of the many Muslim men who has used this right in Syria.

In the United States and most of the western countries, however, polygamy is prohibited.

But immigration means that there is a growing number of Muslims in the United States who practice polygamy.

Ghazia admittedly was asked to make one of the four wives his official wife, and he chose Twasif, with five children as his official wife.

The three other women now live at three other places, with the other 17 children.

But in reality, his polygamy remains largely unchanged !

Authorities have designated the three other wives, as his ‘partners’. They also live nearby. And they are all paid by the public.

Ghazia is talking openly about them as his four wives and about his marital obligations to them.

“According to my religion, I have an obligation to distribute my time equally between everyone and not prioritize one of them over the others,” he Said

“I spend all my time to take care of my family,” he says,

This has to stop! President Trump’s travel ban has to be enforced if we want to avoid cases like this inAmerica!

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Best of the 1950’s Video

Paintings by Norman Rockwell depicting life in America during the 1950s!!!

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Obama Just Got SUED


Though the media refuses to admit it, the conspiracy theory that Trump is a Russian agent is starting to crumble, and Obama’s legacy is going down with it.

Carter Page, a former and unofficial aide to President Trump, has launched a lawsuit against Obama and his officials after it was revealed that he was targeted and spied on for his alleged connections to Russia. (via Law Newz) Trump  brought Page in to help him work out the specifics of his foreign policy. Page was never an official advisor, but he was still named in warrants issued by the FISA court to be monitored.

Page is now suing the Obama administration for improper surveillance and violating his civil rights.

Furthermore, Carter Page is claiming that the Obama administration did not provide “strong” evidence of probable cause that he was a Russian agent to justify monitoring his communications.
Page says he is looking forward to the trial, since “The discovery process will be of great value to the United States, as our nation hears testimony from them under oath, and we receive disclosure of the documents which show what exactly was done in 2016.”

The Obama administration justified spying on Page on the basis of the now heavily debunked Trump dossier. The dossier made many wild claims, and was used by the FBI to launch their investigation into the Trump-Russia connection.

The information in the dossier was collected by former British spy Christopher Steele. Steele was hired by the Democrat party to dig up any negative information he could against Trump.

The Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Chuck Grassely, has raised concerns about the use of the dossier by the FBI. “When political opposition research becomes the basis for law enforcement or intelligence efforts, it raises substantial questions about the independence of law enforcement and intelligence from politics,” he wrote. (via The Hill)

The more we learn about the Trump-Russia connection, the more it appears to be an attack wholly fabricated by the Democrats. The two major pieces of evidence connecting Trump to Russia were revealed by private intelligence agencies hired by the Democrats.

As Grassely notes, the real problem is how Democrat-sponsored research was used to justify actions by the supposedly non-political intelligence community.

This lawsuit is one piece of the larger puzzle of unraveling the picture of corruption that was the Obama administration.

Obama allowed his cronies to get away with anything so long as they worked to preserve his legacy. Soon the world will know of the most corrupt administration in U.S. history.

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DEAR AMERICA: Major Tax Reform is Heading Our Way

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Earlier this week Mnuchin backed off his goal of passing tax reform by August. That has seemed to have changed, though, since he said the White House will unveil the plan “very soon”.

He hopes the passing of a tax overhaul will not “take till the end of the year.”

In a Financial Times interview published Monday, Mnuchin said getting a bill to President Donald Trump‘s desk before August is “highly aggressive to not realistic at this point.” He said in February that he wanted to see “very significant” tax reform passed by Congress’ August recess.

The business community has hoped Republicans can move quickly on overhauling the American tax system, a prospect that partly fueled stock market gains in the months following Trump’s election. However, political realities have tempered expectations for changes to the tax system.


Mnuchin said the failure to pass legislation to replace Obamacare contributed to his assessment that passing a tax overhaul by August could be difficult.

But Trump wants action, putting the pressure back on, calling out Mnuchin by name during a speech at Snap-on headquarters.

“So we’re in very good shape on tax reform. We have the concept of the plan. We’re going to be announcing it very soon.

“But health care, we have to get the health care taken care of, and as soon as health care takes care of we are going to march very quickly. You’re going to watch. We’re going to surprise you. Right, Steve Mnuchin? Right?”

Mnuchin said Thursday that “whether health care gets done or health care doesn’t get done, we’re going to get tax reform done.”

Alright then, we can’t wait!

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Why Civil Rights Are the Key to National Solidarity

12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Civil rights are not— strictly speaking— rights, but are instead privileges conferred on Territorial and Municipal citizens by the US Congress.

Citizens by definition serve the government, whereas Nationals are served by the government. Therein lies the rub.

A citizen lays down a greater or lesser portion of their natural sovereignty when they become a citizen. This is a natural consequence of their duty to serve the government.

In the wake of the so-called American Civil War, black Americans were re-enslaved, not by private slave owners, but by the Territorial Government of the United States which arbitrarily conscripted them as citizens—as public servants.

They went directly from being chattel owned by individual private owners to being considered chattel owned by public citizenship obligations to the federal government. Thus, they acquired civil rights— basically, whatever rights the Congress wanted to give them—and lost their claim to the free exercise of all their natural and unalienable rights.

The excuse for this was the pretension that, as black Americans were never specifically included as state nationals by the separate states, they were “stateless” and could be claimed by any government that wanted them.

Similar arguments were recently made by the same feckless Territorial United States government with regard to all the rest of us. They have claimed that we are “stateless” because we weren’t (so they said) operating our own states of the Union or any association of states, such as the United States of America.

To quote Gomer Pyle: “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”

There have always been civil rights exercised by members of the civil service and elected public officials and public employees who are all citizens of one sort or another, and since 1968, those civil rights have been defined as “equal”—-but few people ever say “equal to what?”

The answer is: equal to the natural and unalienable rights enjoyed by American state nationals and American State Citizens (American State Citizens are the elected officials and public employees of the actual land jurisdiction state government—they owe their duty as citizens to the state government.)

What happens when and if there are no longer any American state nationals or American State Citizens exercising their natural and unalienable rights?

Well, then, the standard for equal civil rights disappears, because there is no longer anything for them to be “equal to”.

The Congress would finally be enabled to rule as absolute despots, not only over the actual Territorial and Municipal citizens, but over the entire population. Instead of a Republican form of government which we are owed, or even a foreign democracy such as the Territorial United States has been, we would be facing a Totalitarian Oligarchy similar to the old Soviet Union.

Nobody would have any actual rights. Everyone would instead have civil rights, but those civil rights would be entirely at the whim of the US Congress.

The rats would simply sit there smug on Capitol Hill and literally dictate whatever they pleased and everyone else would suffer the results of absolute despotism—– citizens and non-citizens alike.

And therein lies the key.

Once the federal Territorial and Municipal employees and all the other people (people of color, new immigrants, political asylum seekers, federal dependents) who are defined as citizens, whether they like it or not— realize that their own equal civil rights are endangered by the continued liberal political jihad against those of us who are claiming our natural rights— the worm will turn.

Without us claiming our natural rights, they have no guaranteed civil rights at all.

If the American Republic goes down, so do they and their spiffy little democracy.

If we lose our claim to our natural and unalienable rights, they can kiss their “equal civil rights” good-bye.

And that is why civil rights are the key to national solidarity.

All those who enjoy equal civil rights have a very urgent reason to defend us and our old fashioned claims.

Every federal and federated state official, every public employee in America has their future on the line—whether they realize it or not— because their rights are utterly dependent on our rights.

If we have no natural and unalienable rights, no constitutional guarantees—guess what?

Then they have no equal civil rights to depend on, either.

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Sarah Palin’s full interview with Jake Tapper

Published on Apr 20, 2017

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sits down with CNN’s Jake Tapper and talks about President Donald Trump.

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