These women are taking a stand against male control in Saudi Arabia.

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This baptism in Georgia is enough to make One’s head spin!

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Trey Gowdy Just Made A Huge Announcement That Has The Left Terrified

The intelligence community is at war with Donald Trump.

They are leaking left and right to friendly reporters in order to undermine his presidency.

But Trey Gowdy’s latest announcement could put a stop to their campaign to destroy Trump once-and-for-all.

In the new Congress, Trey Gowdy will serve on the intelligence committee.
His new role will give him the opportunity to provide oversight to the intelligence community.

The Greenville Online reports:

“Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-Spartanburg, was named to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Friday, the first South Carolina member of Congress to be on the panel.
“Protecting the safety and security of our fellow citizens is the preeminent function of government. When it comes to our national security, we cannot afford to take risks,” Gowdy said in a prepared statement. “The House Intelligence Committee plays a vital role in protecting Americans both at home and abroad through conducting thorough oversight of our nation’s intelligence agencies.”
Gowdy was appointed to the panel by House Republican leaders. He will continue to serve on three other committees: ethics, oversight and government reform and judiciary.
Gowdy was formerly chair of the Select Committee on Benghazi, which disbanded at the end of 2016 after issuing its final report on the 2012 terrorist attacks in Libya.
Like the Benghazi panel, much of the work of the intelligence committee is done behind closed doors dealing with classified information and the intelligence gathering operations of 17 different government agencies.
The intelligence committee was one of several to conduct investigations into Benghazi and the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
Created in 1977, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has never had a member from South Carolina, according to the Congressional Research Service.”

Gowdy proved his chops when he was chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee.

In that role, he uncovered Hillary Clinton’s secret email server and documented the Obama administration’s lies about their incompetent response to the terrorist attack.

Right now, his dogged ability to dig for the truth is more vital than ever.
The intelligence community is engaged in a war of leaks to undermine Donald Trump.

Their leaks have been timed at key moments, such as their attempt to try and swing the Electoral College, as well as creating a swirl of controversy ahead of Trump’s inauguration.

A no-nonsense prosecutor like Trey Gowdy could hold intelligence community officials accountable over their campaign to delegitimize Donald Trump.
Gowdy has proven that politics does not drive his investigations.
His moral compass always points in the direction of the truth.

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Executive Orders on Monday

According to Fox News judicial pundit Andrew Napolitano, Donald Trump is planning to sign a slew of executive orders on Monday in an attempt to start rolling back the worst of the Obama legacy. 

On Wednesday night, the judge said he had spoken to the new president about his plans, which include measures on immigration, environmental policy, and gun control.

“On the executive orders, he told me he expected to be signing 200 orders on Monday,” Napolitano said. “He will decide what he needed to sign on Friday.”

“Trump’s philosophy: Level the playing field, get rid of all of the lawmaking that Barack Obama did by his executive orders, level the playing field, ask Congress to change laws that need to be changed,” he continued. “What he will do if Congress doesn’t give him what he wants? I don’t know. He is probably going to get the lion’s share of what he wants because he has a lot of goodwill and the Republicans control both Houses.”

It is encouraging to hear that this is Trump’s strategy moving forward. It would be within his power and within the scope of his electoral mandate to go much further. 

Obama spent eight years setting some very dangerous precedents as it pertains to executive power. Trump would not encounter much resistance from conservatives if he used that power to steamroll Democratic opposition in Congress.

But while the short-term gains from that strategy would be gratifying, it would eventually come back to bite us – just as it is now on the verge of biting the Democrats. 

One president’s power becomes the next president’s power, and there’s no guarantee that the next president will be a Republican. Even if it is, we risk pushing so much authority to the White House that our representative democracy becomes a monarchy. 

None of Obama’s individual executive orders were as harmful to our country as his wanton disregard for the boundaries of the office. Executive orders have their place.  When federal agencies need quick clarification on a law so they can properly enforce it, a presidential order can be used to keep the government working efficiently …. well ……. as efficiently as the federal government can get. Obama, however, has not used them for this purpose. Instead of clarifying the law, he created it. Rather than enforce the law, he directed federal agencies to ignore it.

If Trump returns some of the power his predecessor stole from Congress, he will have gone a long way towards making America great again.

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Roy Potter: President Trump’s Contract With God

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Report: Secret Donald Trump Plan Released

Jones breaks down how President Donald Trump is already over-delivering on his campaign promises and discloses how Trump will accelerate the release of advanced technologies for the rest of humanity.

“Trump, . . . instead of Amerca being sucked dry, intends to build up America and then after pump all those countries with high technology as well, and create a great synergistic TRUE GLOBALISM.”




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FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump CIA Headquarters Statement

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