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Before Obama left office he arranged with the State Department for a series of “official visits” to foreign countries spanning the next 20 years. Using discretionary funds from the Office of Presidential Visits and Vacations, Obama was able to weasel what would have been another $2.1 billion in free vacations for him and up to 24 members of his family plus staff and a dog sitter until the year 2036.
He would have, that is, had he not lost his office to Donald Trump. Trump, who is always looking for ways to save money, was having the office used for vacations repainted when he was presented with a ledger that contained all of the Obama travel plans and expenses. The ledger was found by one of the 31 workers Trump hired from outside the typical White House staff to make alterations requiring specialized craftsmen.
Our President immediately canceled the plans and recalled all Secret Service agents scheduled to protect the Obamas anywhere outside of the United States. The Obamas, who are still waiting in Kenya for their documents so they can re-enter the country, are also facing another new challenge at the hands of Trump: They’re going to have to repay the government for all of those vacations that weren’t official state business.
The bill, after some small allowances for days that were possibly work related, is for $214 million. Of the 692 days the Obamas spent on vacation, almost none included any work at all. They ate, slept and golfed and Michelle was given shopping allowances from the Office of Discretionary Gifting Funds, which is supposed to be used to buy presents for visiting dignitaries.
It’s just one scandal after another with these people.

A very stealthy and slow-motion coup has been executed in Washington, D.C. The coup plotters staked out the West Wing long before Donald Trump ever set foot in the Oval Office.

This still ongoing coup has been a fairly quiet affair because it took place within Trump’s own family first.  The prime mover of this overthrow is arch-Zionist Neocon Jared Kushner.  His wife — Ivanka Trump – is also playing a crucial role, specifically as her father’s “most trusted advisor”.  As always, there are numerous agents of Deep State who are assisting with the clockwork implementation of every aspect of the takeover.


Steve Bannon exposes Jared Kushner

Jared Corey Kushner is the son of Charles Kushner, a heretofore major contributor, bundler and bagman for the Democratic Party.  So loyal was he to the Democrats that he went to prison for an illegal campaign finance scheme and the subsequent cover-up crimes.

Jared Kushner: Boy with a mission

If this bloodless coup d’état has one foreign agent who has deeply infiltrated the Trump Administration, it is Jared Kushner, a hardcore Zionist Neocon.  Although unusually young at 36-years old, his adulthood experience is quite deep in causes that advance Zionist extremism.

Trump’s Son-in-Law Bankrolls Extremist Zionists

Kushner was primed for the advocacy of Jewish Zionism during his college years. His involvement with the college-based Chabad was a particularly important part of his resumé-building.  Chabad House is well known to be an outreach arm of Zionist extremism.  It’s common knowledge within intelligence circles that Chabad Houses worldwide provide safe haven to Israeli agents (especially the notorious Sayanim) during times of urgent need.[1]

Chabad Houses have history of criminal activity

The Chabad Lubavitch sect is an extremely radical organization that espouses dogmatic end-time prophecies that are overwhelmingly favorable to the Jewish race.  However, their real work is better understood by those members who often appear to function as an extension of the MOSSAD.  Although religious by their own description, the Chabad House leader in Washington, D.C. — Levi Shemtov — is one of the biggest political operators Inside the Beltway.

Is Trump’s Jared Kushner connection to the Chabad Lubavitch sect
the cause for his dramatic U-turn?  
The sect is deliberately fomenting
a prophesied Third World War.

(Source: Kushners Belong to Jewish Supremacist Doomsday Cult)

In the ‘advisor’ of Jared Kushner, everything points to an individual who was strategically positioned within the Trump family to achieve the eventual and total control of White House.  It appears that he has almost accomplished that lofty goal as of April 13th, 2017. But who is he really working for?  His carefully constructed political network tells the story.

JARED KUSHNER: His Powerful Political Partners

In order to better understand just how complete the Trump administration takeover is, the following two exposés are offered for their penetrating insights.  Each one provides a different but vital perspective on what is now known as the “Kushner coup”.

Jared Kushner: A 36-year old kid takes over the West Wing

Kushner: A Zionist Neocon running the White House

Soros’ Inside Man

The Right should have known that Jared Kushner was the Democrat’s inside man planted within Team Trump.  After all, Kushner and his brother Joshua received a $250 million investment from the Godfather of Liberalism himself—George Soros.

George Soros Backed Jared Kushner Venture Cadre With $250 Million

Hence, it was only a matter of time before the key planks of Donald Trump’s oft-repeated campaign platform were converted into political firewood.  The April 6 missile attack was intentionally staged not only to reignite the Syrian War, it has moved the president’s domestic agenda to the back burner. Even the high crimes of WitetapGate have been conveniently pushed off the front pages, now likely to be forgotten.

The growing threats of a Purple Revolution were purposefully fabricated as an incentive for Trump to relinquish and/or trash his most important campaign promises. Fictitious MSM polls pushed his approval ratings to unprecedented lows in order to encourage Team Trump to make a dramatic foreign policy shift.  Warmongering almost always engenders fake patriotism that creates reflexive support for a sitting POTUS.

Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’

Even the MSM reported that it was daughter Ivanka who convinced Trump to launch the illegal missile strikes against Syria.[2]  Given her conversion to husband Jared’s extreme form of Jewish Zionism, it ought to be obvious who influenced Ivanka.

Welcome to the Kushner presidency!


Everything has changed.

With such an egregious and indisputable war crime committed against Syria hanging over his head for the next 4 years, Trump is toast.  He killed his presidency with one fatal blunder and exceedingly reckless mistake.

No matter what Trump does from this point forward, he has proven himself to be a pathological liar who cannot be trusted.  He has likewise staffed his administration with serial prevaricators.  Trump’s blind rush to judgment, without any factual evidence whatsoever, reveals him to be without conscience and devoid of common sense.

Given this unfortunate state of affairs, the American people are effectively leaderless once again.  In the ensuing chaos, the nation is being stampeded into more foreign wars on behalf of Israel.  Trump has been relegated to nothing more than a puny pitchman for the Greater Israel project.  And his prominently positioned son-in-law is but a messenger boy relaying the orders from Tel Aviv. (See: The New White House Chain of Command)

State of the Nation
April 13, 2017

Editor’s Note

The following article lays bare Jared Kushner’s extremely telling journalistic agenda, particularly regarding the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  He is the owner and publisher of the New York Observer which he bought at age 25 for $10,000,000.  There is perhaps no more dangerous truth to the Zionist Neocon agenda than 9/11 truth.  Is this why the Observer has consistently published articles which ridicule ‘truthers’?[2]  After all, theirs is a massive body of conclusive evidence that contains deep research and high-integrity investigations which link Israel directly to the 9/11 false flag operation.

How to grab the best marijuana stocks 2019?

Marijuana sector is a high-scope segment at this point because it has many associated companies that have given a huge contribution to the cannabis sector. There are some things to look while making the choice for the best marijuana stocks which can fetch a good amount for you.

  • Decide the marijuana stocks to grab today

Unfortunately, there is no source which can guarantee you to buy the particular weed stocks at the moment. It is entirely up to you to look for the amazing stock options available on the web under $1 value. Make emphasis on the volatility of the stock and if there is no variation in the pricing, it means that the profit potential of the stock is on the lower side. You can also look for the high-volume stocks as the greater number of stocks traded every day will lead to better returns for the investors in the long run. You can control your losses only if you’re able to buy and sell the stocks quickly.

  • Use chart patterns and technical analysis for finding the best chances

Technical analysis is available for every stock on the web. It is the responsibility of the investor to make the stock trade research with carefulness to put your cash at risk. Stocks are all in the charts and the investors need to make sure that they’re fully researching them with due diligence to make the appropriate returns. It is always preferable to check out the clean chart patterns to make the diligent move and get greater odds of success. Your idea about volumes, price variations, and exciting news will make the things simpler for you to think and execute. Marijuana stocks might show a sudden boom in recent times but make sure that you’re making the right move to fetch the promising results.

  • Fundamental analysis for marijuana penny stocks

Marijuana penny stocks don’t have the strongest fundamentals and there are many untrue companies giving fake news and results showing developments. Make sure that the information you’re getting about the stock is from a good source. The company’s announcements regarding new contracts, subsidiary ownership, regulatory issues, and financing are done to increase your odds of success.

  • Grab hot stocks and gain profits

There is no use of buying a marijuana stock when there are no people discussing it. If nobody notices the stock, there will be simply no chance to gain profits from it. Make sure that you’re getting the hot stocks and people should talk about it for the big moves. It is important to buy and sell stocks at the right time. Checking out the right time is important than becoming greedy and selling off the stocks really late. The hype won’t last for eternity and this is the reality of stocks. Once you sell it at a profit, there is no use of checking the prices and repenting that you should have sold it later at a relatively higher price. Whenever you’re getting profits, remain contented and move ahead with a strong investment.

  • Create your own list of stocks

Keep the stock list ready to view on your mobile or laptop application. It is the way to take immediate advantage and a potential victory.

If you’re looking for the cheap-priced stocks on the web, Robinhood penny stocks are the best places for your search. It won’t take any longer to discover that the low-priced penny stocks are not the best investments you could look for. Your hard-earned money requires the appropriate choice for bringing it to the next levels. It might appear tempting to buy marijuana stocks with low price or scan the list of the stocks under $1 but the ultimate aim should be to bring out the stocks which are actually worthy.

Robinhood doesn’t promote the penny stocks from the companies not located on the major stock exchanges. There are plenty of stocks available. A glimpse of the present Robinhood Penny Stocks list is given below:

  • Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ: GRPN)

Groupon, Inc. is a shopping website having the aim of sharing information on local goods, services, and the business events for the people all over the world. The company gives information about the major attractions, eating, and shopping joints and to-do list of a particular place. The upward trends of the company have led to the stock rates to go beyond $3.8 and it is expected to grow with the market cap to reach to higher levels for a better scope.

  • Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG)

Plug Power is an American company working in designing and manufacturing of the hydrogen fuel cell systems that make replacement of the conventional batteries in the vehicles powered by electricity. The company’s stocks have been ranging within $0.99 – $2.65 and there have been upward trends in the company with the stock growth. It is relatively less known to the consumers but the company has enviable customer list as an alternative energy technology provider. The present stock price is $2.38 followed by a continuous growth.

  • UTStarcom Holdings (NASDAQ: UTSI)

UTSI is a convincing penny stock and works in developing the technology for cloud-based services for mobile, video streaming and several Wi-fi products. The stock prices are ranging at $3.81 and the company is making progress with its telecom infrastructure services. The company offers exquisite communication services to the customers through its various product lines. There is a broader range of applications handled by the company and its strength lies in the variable modes of working.

  • 22nd Century Group Inc (NYSE: XXII)

22nd Century Group, Inc. is a biotechnology company related to the cannabis sector. It provides the unique technology to permit the increasing or decreasing nicotine levels in tobacco plants and similarly, tweak the cannabinoids in hemp plants through plant breeding and genetic engineering. The company has it’s premium brands named RED SUN, SPECTRUM and MAGIC cigarettes. It even operates with the contract manufacturing business for the manufacturing of tobacco products for the third-party. The company was founded in the year 1998 and has been holding a strong position in the stock market. The current stock prices are approximately $2 per stock which are anticipated to increase in the coming times.

There are many ways to make extra money these days. Penny stocks trading is one of the ways to get the high-risk returns on the investment. It is not easy to trade on these stocks as if you think about investing in low-cost stocks with a higher number of shares, it could make or take off money very soon. There are a number of people who make money with day trading penny stocks. The basic fundamental is that these stocks are purchased and sold at the right time to gain the returns in the positive numbers.

Research is the major necessity for penny stock investors. It enables a person to find out legitimate companies for making the investment and getting better profit rates. There are many websites giving a suggestion for the day trading of penny stocks. Keep in mind that penny stocks are highly risky and keeping a loose track of it will ultimately make you get losses. Those who’re planning to buy penny stocks can benefit from the tips below:

  1. Penny Stock Finder: Some people claim to have made a lot of money with penny stocks. They use the stock finding tool in the form of some apps or newsletters (emails). These tools have expert information compiled up by the professional stock analysts. The stock tips will be available in your mailbox or on the mobile phone application on a regular Mostly, the newsletters have their recommended penny stocks which are required by the trader for evaluation before buying them. The software performs the research very quickly and the trader gets the best stocks of the day after getting enrolled. These are automated tools purchased by the investors to get the tips. There are many free options available for the day traders but those are only meant to give generic information or even fake information to the investors.
  2. Think well before making a choice: There are many options available to the investors on a daily There could be many tempting offers which aim at taking all your money. The marketing strategies are so interesting that the investor can’t just skip them. It is important to investigate the type of investment you’re undertaking. It is important for every investor to use their wit and get ahead with the most tempting rewards.
  • Hiring an expert: Day penny stocks trading is lucrative and it is not easy for a starter to understand the basics. The starter can hire a professional stockiest to get advises and learn the day trading procedures. This is true if a person wants to start making money on an immediate There are many options available on the internet and it is quite necessary to make the search even for the stock expert to choose the most relevant option.
  1. Organized approach: It is required to follow good planning to succeed in any venture and stocks are no different. It is important to know all the rules and follow the art of mastering your emotions while trading.
  2. Practice makes one perfect: Traders can become experts only with regular practice. You can follow the rules and begin the day penny stock trading to master its art.

Weed penny stocks are becoming red-hot popular in the present US and Canadian stocks. This herb has revolutionized the trends and the legalization of cannabis has led to a wider scope for the stocks related to cannabis in any way. The trades will become more profitable with the weed boom linked with various industrial segments. There is a lot of action taking place in the penny stock industry on a regular basis and pump & dump is the major scam due to which it becomes difficult to trust these stocks. There are rapid profits attained from some penny stocks but those are one in hundreds and a clever analyzer could only find them from a bunch of marijuana stocks on different stock markets.

Weed market growth

There are many people expecting that marijuana stocks will become 200-300% higher in price within very less time. This is the reason for the weed market growth and the stocks are coming up with many startups. The legal marijuana industry is expected to surpass almost every segment which has created a boom in the stock market. California is considered to be the hub of the weed markets all over the US. Medical marijuana was legal in the state for years but at the beginning of 2018, CA made adult-use of weed legalized as well. The market is huge and the inclusion of cannabis in many new segments has given a space for the industry to grow on the global platform.

Canada has already made the recreational weed usage legal and it is indeed the first nation to legalize it on the national level. Weed companies will have the most promising future in the sense of giving a lucrative beginning on the stock markets. Keeping an eye on the Canadian and USA weed stocks would probably lead towards a positive future for the companies.

Benefits of penny pot stocks

You need to concentrate on the two most important things to make quick and trusted profits on the stock market.

  1. Pick up a weed segment having the massive potential for growth. Check out the market trends, government news and the particular opinions on the sectors of your choice.
  2. Find out small companies having the probable approach to give profitable results from the hot sector where you can apply can turn huge profits. Keeping an eye on the beginner companies for marijuana stocks is a great idea for the investors to double or triple their money within the least possible time.

Finding the best weed stocks

Weed penny stocks are hot but you need to find out the appropriate resources to fetch the correct information about these stocks. Firstly, focus on day trading stocks. Penny stocks would change their values very soon and you can get in and out of the stocks by remaining informed about the day trends, price changes and appropriate steps to follow. You can decide the stocks to buy and check out its movements from time to time. It is merely the job of the investor to view the stocks and read everything about them before actually finalizing the stock for purchase.

There is a growing trend of marijuana penny stocks to buy in 2019. It is indeed an attractive option and the wave of the legalization of cannabis seems irresistible. In the previous 12 months, there has been a trend of legalization seen for weed in Canada and the US. There is a hope to get the way for the US government to legalize cannabis in every sector for adult-use and medicinal purposes. The news for legalization from Mexico government on October 31, 2018, was a big plus for the cannabis industry. All penny stocks are not worth your investment or time and hence, in the field of cannabis stocks also, you need to be very particular about the stocks to buy.

Here is the list of three best marijuana penny stocks 2019 to own now. These stocks are in trend with the legalization of marijuana and work well for the upcoming three quarters of the year. These top pot stocks on the list could even produce the profits of more than 5 times its present value.

  • Easton Pharmaceuticals (EAPH)

This company is a Toronto based pharma group having specialized designs, development and marketing strategies in the therapeutic healthcare products. The company exists in 1997 and produces various important medications which are helpful in building a strong medical marijuana space. Viorra (topical cream for the treatment of sexual dysfunction), Nauseasol (morning sickness relieving gel), Kenestrin (elbow arthritis treatment), Renou HA (anti-wrinkle cream for delaying the aging process) and XILIVE (early-stage treatment of cancer). The stock price of the company at present is $0.011. The developments and cannabis-licensing will bring the company to a higher level in the upcoming phases. Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. has updated very recently on the Canadian Dollars 2,600,000 farming contract for building 150 homes outside the Toronto region. The company worked on the acquisition of a Canadian Cannabis company called the Alliance Group.

  • 22nd Century Group Inc. (XXII)

This company is based in New-York and works as a unique pot penny stock owned this year. The company creates the plants having lower nicotine levels with its advanced engineering concepts. There has been an achievement in the company for producing tobacco with 97% lesser level of nicotine content. The product aims at weaning off the drug and give a reduced exposure to the dependent smokers. With the news for the global hemp market to grow at a large scale by 2025, the company will have better trades from the present value of nearing $2 per share. The stock returns could become higher with time.

  • Marijuana Company of America (MCOA)

Marijuana Company of America works in development, manufacturing, and marketing of the cannabinoid consumer products under the hempSMART brand name in the US and Canada. The hemp derived products are wellness products that reduce minor discomfort and relaxes the muscles. The company also provides accounting and bookkeeping services for cannabis companies. MCOA stock sells its products through its websites as well as the affiliate marketing program in offline business. The company has stocks priced at $0.011 and is projected to get better prospects with its innovative ideas.