VT – Saudis pay Trump to attack Iran

By Ian Greenhalgh of Veterans Today on May 21, 2017
One might think the Saudis paid Trump to read a script they wrote…
Donald Trump is in Saudi Arabia and judging by the speech he gave in front of the Saudi king and an assemblage of bought and paid for supplicant nations, one of the prime goals of his visit is to organize a war with Iran.

Although Trump spoke for over half an hour, the keywords were those he uttered about Iran, how Iran sponsors, arms, equips, trains and deploys terrorists across the region, namechecking Syria and Yemen as places where these Iranian-sponsored terrorists have been up to no good.

For three minutes, Trump told lie after lie about Iran, his rhetoric was bellicose in the extreme; particularly worrying was his statement that Iran gives safe haven to terrorists, something that was alleged of Saddam’s Iraq some 15 years ago when the drums of war were beating for that nation.

Now Iran finds itself squarely in the crosshairs, branded a state sponsor of terrorism and a destabilizing factor in the region, old lies we have heard many times before, not least when Bush Jr and Dick Cheney were manufacturing their pretexts for the invasion of Iraq.

Trump concluded his anti-Iran diatribe by puckering up and giving King Salman’s backside a great big, wet and sloppy kiss, praising his investment in the US – most likely the key investments have been bribes to persuade the US to do his bidding (or rather, that of the Kosher Nostra crime cabal).

In short, we just saw Trump beat the drums of war in the direction of Iran in front of the people who are bankrolling the whole sorry spectacle…

P.S. a war with Iran would cause oil prices to shoot up, and who would that most benefit?

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