Trump Is Inheriting An America That Has Been Conquered from Within (Pt 1)



There is a conspiracy that is so widespread and so in-depth that Donald Trump has very little chance of forging a strong working relationship with Congress. This conspiracy is so complete, so very thorough that the presence of the conspiracy is ubiquitous.  This conspiracy dominates several quasi-political organizations, which in turn have compromised the patriotism of so many key members of the American political landscape.

I have frequently asked the question, how could Congress support so many things that are so bad for the country that these politicians have to live in? If you have wondered the same thing, you are about to find out why in this multi-part series about how America has been conquered from within.

Through this multi-part series, I will demonstrate how American politics, socio-political  think tanks, the entertainment industry, much or our post-secondary agenda and our national security state have been perversely compromised.

Have you wondered why Putin, who has been so very patient with Obama’s apparent provocations for war, has not reacted militarily? The answer to that question is that one has to consider that there is more than one way to defeat a foe. One can use the military to conquer their adversary, or one can conquer their enemy from within. Putin is part of a Russian mindset that has chosen the latter path and it has been stunningly effective.

At the conclusion of this series, the reader will clearly see the multi-generational path that this insidious plot has followed. The reader will also gain understanding about why government seemingly never serves the real needs of the average American citizen. Isn’t this why many of you voted for Trump? This series will bring new meaning to the term, draining the swamp.

What conspiracy am I speaking about? I am speaking about a multi-faceted and multi-layered set of communist influences that have taken this country down the path of soci0-cultural, political and military suicide. A significant number of long-standing representatives in the House of Representatives and in the Senate have been compromised by Communist front groups. Before you think I am having cold-war flashbacks, consider the fact that before this series is concluded, I will name names of political representatives and members of the media who are involved. And key Russian defectors tells us the very same thing in their own words. My body count in Congress has reached over 80 members of the House and Senate who have clear financial ties and who have publicly proclaimed allegiances to Communist front groups.

If I had read the previous paragraphs, I would be skeptical. Except every word that is printed is true and I can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  As a teaser, I submit that Vice-President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State and Senator, Hillary Clinton, Charles Rangel, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are clearly a part of this plot and as the reader will see in future parts in this series, these traitors will convict themselves with their own words. Remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

A Long-Standing Plot

The historical roots of this plot are long-standing and the information about the never-ending attempts to subvert America, by the Communists, are real and the information comes from highly credible sources.

Former Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, a well renowned media/propaganda expert, defected to the United States in 1970 and subsequently exposed the KGB’s subversive tactics against American society. Yuri Bezmenov has conducted a number of interviews in which he explains how Marxist ideology is deconstructing America’s values by controlling the media and which would ultimately serve to demoralize the country, destabilize the economy, and provoke crises in order to Sovietize the United States.   Bezmenov is well known for revealing Russia’s doctrine of “ideological subversion”, a slow, long-term multi-decade process of media-based brainwashing in which the sole purpose is to confuse, confound, and destroy the moral base of America.

Has this plot been effective? When Bezmenov defected in 1970, abortion was not yet legal in the United States, Americans, by and large, trusted their government, the comparative use of profanity in the media was rare and there were over 250 corporations controlling 95% of the media instead of the six corporations which own the same percentage today. This media consolidation and the presence of prominent media plants, such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper, ex -CIA operative, have gone a long way towards achieving these Russian goals. Bezmenov’s account also casts serious doubts upon the severe decline of America’s moral base as being the product of a normal societal, evolutionary process which accidentally transpired.

Former Russian Colonel Stanislav Lunev has the distinction of being the highest ranking Russian military officer to defect to the United States after doing so in 1992, after Boris Yeltsin came to power. Lunev’s information was considered to be so volatile, but accurate, that the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA placed Lunev in the FBI’s Witness Protection Program.

Lunev served as the top GRU agent in America in the 1980’s and 1990’s. While in the United States, Lunev’s mission involved gathering intelligence information about America’s defenses and recommending Russian war strategies against America.  Some of Lunev’s information came to light, when in the 1997, he published his bestselling book Through the Eyes of the Enemy. In the book, Lunev reports that Russia’s military, despite “losing the cold war”, continues in its war preparations which are designed to conquer the United States by stealth. Since his defection, Lunev has served as a special agent to the FBI, CIA, as well as many large corporations. Lunev is best known for revealing the missing 100+ missing suitcase nuclear bombs and the threat they would pose to the United States as they would be smuggled across the Mexican border.

Predictive Programming-An Example from the Entertainment Industry-“The Americans”

The Americans is an original TV series drama about the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected President. The arranged marriage of KGB agents Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell), who have two children, a 14-year-old Paige (Holly Taylor) and 12-year-old Henry (Keidrich Sellati), who, initially, knew nothing about their parents’ true identity. Eventually, the couple grows more passionate and genuine, by the day, but is constantly tested by the escalation of the Cold War and the intimate, dangerous and darkly funny relationships they must maintain with a network of spies and informants under their control.

Over my recent vacation, I used the spare time to view the first 4 years of the series on Amazon. The subversive propaganda is stunning and the shows cuts a swath through the middle of traditional American values as our way of life is severely ridiculed.

In the story, the opposing forces of the FBI are largely characterized as a collection bumbling idiots, while the KGB agents are the decided emotional favorites in the series. In this series, the KGB agents are clearly superior to the incompetent FBI that pursues the KGB in what the show refers to as “Russian illegals”.

President Reagan is portrayed as a “monster” and Americans, as a whole, are portrayed as aimless people. Christianity is openly referred to in clear Marxian terms as it characterized by the female KGB agent as “the opiate of the masses”. A crisis occurs when the KGB agents’ daughter, Paige discovers Christianity and this creates a family and ideological crisis that lasts for several episodes. Paige’s mom decries Christianity as seducing their daughter through singing songs and talking about Jesus. This is hardcore, old-style Russian propaganda.

In a revealing truth, the “Center” which controls the KGB spies, has plans to recruit the American-born children of the agents. The agents object but the path is set. The KGB wants to recruit the American born children of these Russian illegals because they can pass the security checks necessary to get into the CIA and the FBI where they can do real damage.  This show is clearly an example of predictive programming designed to shape public opinion.  The show has been renewed for seasons 5 and 6.

My late friend, ex-CIA contract agent, Bill Pawelec, told me of a plot that was nearly identical to this TV show. He told me in 1997 that the Russians had American born agents throughout our federal agencies ranging from the Secret Service to the FBI to the CIA and most, if not all of the alphabet soup agencies. Should anyone wonder why Trump is using private security instead of exclusively relying on the Secret Service.


In the modern era, there have been two Presidents who took on the generational subversion of the United States. They were JFK and Reagan. Both were shot. JFK was murdered in public as a warning to others. Reagan had a total of three attempts on his life. The obstacles facing Donald Trump are almost beyond description with regard to the depth and volume of the opposition.

The next part of this series looks at Obama’s communist background. Subsequent parts will then name the names of governmental officials and the communist organizations of those that support them.

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REVISED: David Robinson is an Author and Journalist living in the mid-coast area of Maine. He is a Graduate and Alumni of the Brunswick Police Academy. He served as a JUROR seated on the Cumberland County, Maine, Grand Jury for the first four-month session of 2014. Publisher Robinson served 3 months of a 4-month sentence for Conspiracy to defraud the United States, at the FCI Berlin minimum security Satellite Camp in Berlin New Hampshire, as retaliation after he and a friend sued the IRS, unsuccessfully, for Unfair Trade Practices, under Title 15 of the US Code. +++ Maine Lawsuit Against The IRS: For Unfair Trade Practices ( +++ Failure to File & Conspiracy: United States vs. Messier & Robinson - No. 2:14-cr-00083-DBH ( +++ On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District Court of Maine / REPLY BRIEF OF ROBINSON ( +++ Books by David E. Robinson (
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