Re: A challenge to “Judge” Anna

By Tryon Parsons      |
Tyron wants to be special because he is male, he is white, and he claims to be an Israelite.

However, none of that is any basis for claiming to be special.

Anna lies as usual. All races are unique and both genders are unique. I happen to be a white person, a male and from the authentic tribes of Israel just like all whites/Europeans from Jacob. Whatever specialness I do have I AM/Jesus my creator/savior get’s the glory, not I.

The thing that makes us special is that we are unique. If you take reference to the Bible, we are special because God knew us and loved us before we took form in our Mother’s womb. It’s not because we are male. Or white. Or imagine ourselves to be Israelites.

I have NEVER claimed anything other than that and YOU can’t pull up a quote of mine showing different. Simply defending whites/males against your genocidal hatred is not proof of a haughty mindset. However I can pull up loads of quotes of yours showing you do find yourself special. Special because you say you belong to an Indian tribe. Special because you think man is full of sin and you as a wo-men are not as you then scape goat men and whites who you claim ALL all to blame for our present condition while you give the “Jews”, females and all minorities a total pass.

Your hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.

For the record, the “Lost Tribes” were never physically lost. They were spiritually lost. They still are.

No, they were lost. They lost their ethnic and spiritual identity when they adopted paganism, got booted from the land to Medes and then crossed the Caucasian Mountains flooding into Europe from about 600 BC to 200 AD leaving only a remnant of the southern tribes and one of the houses of David in the land.

They regained their spiritual identity when the 12 Apostles of white Jesus spread his word to his people who were formerly called “not his people” after being his people previously until they were banished from the land. Now, in these last days of this particular age in perfect accord with prophesy we have and are regaining our ethnic identity as real Jacob/Israel in preparation to take over the Esau ‘Jews’ JWO in perfect accord with the prophesy of Obediah and the 144,000 spoken of in Revelation.

They followed after the Sumerian gods of money, sex, deceit and violence— Mammon, Molloch and Ashtoreth.

As also prophesied about these last days his people in the ‘Church’ would fall into the great Apostasy, worshipping the ‘Jews’ and acting in all manner of wickedness while claiming to be clean and upright.

Every civilization that has followed after these gods has ended badly. The Ten Tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel were hauled off by the Assyrians as slaves. The Egyptians, Carthaginians, Romans, Phoenicians—- and now the British Empire is going down the same road and dragging America with it.

I won’t disagree with that except that it was the 12 tribes, not just the 10 and that WHITE Christendom has been preserved until these last days since the Esau ‘Jews’ have usurped our reign, first secretly over the last at least 200 years and now openly as they admit it and Anna protects them in their desired and ongoing physical genocide of us whites/Europeans, males, Israelites.

Some of these doomed civilizations were patriarchies and some were matriarchies, and they all fell victim just the same.

I don’t believe ANY of those doomed civilizations Anna spoke of above were a Matriarchy. The one thing they got right was being a Patriarchy but now the “Jews” who ARE A MATRIARCHY (WINK, WINK) having destroyed the Patriarchy of white/European Christendom, plunging us into the Great Apostasy where our own race, especially the males are being persecuted and genocided based on our race and gender IN OUR OWN LANDS and NATIONS given to us as one of the blessings of the people (race(s) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It doesn’t matter which sex or color takes us over the cliff: in all cases it is the worship of false gods that “brings desolation”.

Won’t disagree with that but that still doesn’t make all races and genders unique; each one given a specific place and/or mission inside a Patriarchal order and it just so happens that the white race, being given dominion and fruitful from Adam on down are to reign and be a blessings except for the last days of each age.

Tyron doesn’t get it. He thinks that patriarchy is the answer. Or white skin is the answer. Or that “bloodline” inheritance is the answer.

More lies. I know that Patriarchy is what all races are called by the creator/savior to be and I know that our white/European skin only denotes and identifies our inner DNA/Bloodline-inheritance and that for us ethnic Israelites specifically the answer to our impending genocide by the ‘Jews’ and their allies lies in our individual and collective return to I AM/Jesus commands.

But none of these things is the answer. Obviously. Old white men who are bloodline “Israelites” according to Tyron’s reckoning——have been in power the entire time leading up to this debacle.

Obviously, white males reign over the planet until recently when the ‘Jews’ of Esau have usurped us proves that whites/Europeans of Christendom was/are the authentic Israelites because if were not then some other race of people would have reigned the body of this present age that we now find ourselves at the end of.

The answer is to stop worshiping false gods.

Yes, agreed such as worshipping WO-men, the ‘Jews’ or the RCC and their Pinko Pope whom YOU claim to be the left hand of.

Instead, Tyron is looking for scapegoats. He is blaming the blacks who have never been the dominant leaders. He is blaming the “Jews” while claiming to be one. He is even attempting to blame women, like me, who stand up to his nonsense.

Lies and more lies. As usual and as the Jewess (depending on what day she’s claiming to be one or not) always does, she’s now projecting her guilt, her sins upon her enemy (typical jewish tactic). I don’t blame blacks except for the things they are guilty of such as mass, habitual criminality, being used by the Esau “Jews” as a battering ram of destruction against whites/Europeans-Christians. I never ONCE claimed to be a “Jew”, for a “Jew” (in the original Greek) are “those who resemble Judaites” (Esau peoples). I KNOW that whites/Europeans are the authentic Israelites/Judaites of Jacob- the 12 tribes. I also blame certain women (not all women) for falling for Satan’s tricks again (us men allowed it just as Adam did before) rebelling against both God and Man (which is called Feminism), led by the “Jews” of which Anna identifies with.

The Ten Tribes are still lost, still foaming at the mouth against Judah and the Lion of Judah who remained true; they are still trying to deceive everyone and shuffle off the blame for their own iniquities, still stiff-necked, strutting around, beating their chests, proclaiming their superiority—– and pretending to be the answer to all the problems that they have created.

The 12 tribes are still lost to their ethnic identity but are awakening at a very quick rate. Many of the 12 tribes of white Israelites are also spiritually lost having not been before the Esau ‘Jews’ usurped us taking control of our nations and societies external programming centers, Governments and our internal financial systems. All races and genders have areas of superiority and inferiority one to the other depending on the subject matter. For example, women are generally superior to men in creating, maintaining a home and everything that goes with that. In a physical sense, women are superior to men in balancing themselves. Women are also often superior to men in their emotions but their mistake these days for most of them is placing their emotions ahead of logic/reason, just as feminists like Anna hypocritically proclaim their superiority over men based on the gender because of how they feel. Blacks are superior to whites when it comes to running and jumping and working in hot, humid climates. They are superior to whites often in an emotional sense too when it comes to not being depressed. Esau Jews are much superior to whites when it comes to finances, the material world and trickery. I could list the ways whites are superior to others (all positive and negative categories being God’s handiwork) but I’d immediately be accused of being a white supremacist which goes to show how hypocritical Anna’s ilk is when they feel no problem claiming the superiority of non whites and females to whites and males but whenever we claim rightly something we are better at, we are suddenly the epitome of evil.

Talk about Hegelian Dialectic.


I repeat: the problem is the worship of false gods—- money, sex, death, coercive power, violence, and deceit— by the same men, the same “Lost Tribes” who have invited calamity upon themselves and upon every host nation for millennia. Will America escape?

See? Anna is now blaming EVERYONE’S problems EVERYWHERE on whites (“Lost tribes”) and white men who can be rightly be accused of allowing the evil ‘Jews’ and women to usurp us as she gives a total pass for every evil on the planet to non whites, ‘Jews’ and females the world over!! Show me how I have been wrong in my accusations of her!!

These perverse people refuse correction and try to hide the actual problem so that it can not be forthrightly addressed —but I am forthrightly addressing it just the same.

She calls people like me “perverse” for identifying the genocidal enemy of all whites (Israelites) males even tho I admit many of us have fallen into sin (apostasy) due to our allowing both women and the ‘Jews’ to usurp our position(s) of rightful, lawful authority. She called people like me “perverse” for saying that part of cure is found in returning to our Anglo-Saxon/Common/Christian law and especially the NATURAL LAW which has been turned on it’s head by both ‘Jews’ and the feminists they created.

To Anna, the self proclaimed “common law judge” under the Patriarchal “last man standing” maxim, what I and others like me stand for is “perverse”. Go figure. Again, tell me where I am wrong people…

All together now— what is the problem that brought all these early civilizations to the dust and which is threatening our civilization now?

The worship of false gods.

Yes, false Gods like the one Anna the Jewess worships, EXACTLY!

If we want to thrive and survive we have to face facts and admit that we have been worshiping evil in our midst—- worshiping money, sex, death, violence, deceit, and coercion. We have given these things our time and our attention. We have let them cow us down like sheep. We have let nasty little vermin speak for us and do all manner of evil in our names.

If we want to thrive and survive we must return to our patriarchal Anglo-Saxon Common/Christian/NATURAL law which is I AM/Jesus’ law for us whites/Israelites for in doing so we return to I AM/Jesus’ commands and such repentance is the KEY to our collective salvation as dictated in 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Next time you hear Tom T. singing about “older whiskey, younger women, and more money”—- check your values against the values of Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna would do good to humble herself. Stop proclaiming herself a Judge under our Patriarchal Anglo Saxon law. She would do good to stop trying to rule over both God and Man which is forbidden in our Christian NT law which she, as a female, is to have to no public authority over man. She would also do good to renounce her self proclaimed status of being the left hand of the Anti Christ Pope for in doing so when she prayed she would be seeking I AM/Jesus’ face, leaving behind her wicked ways.

None of you men including Tyron need me to tell you what is wrong. You are just trying to avoid the Truth—- that you’ve been caught up in worshiping false gods.

The penalties for that are known, and you just make it harder on yourselves and everyone else by trying to find scapegoats and running around blaming and making accusations instead of confessing your sins and changing your values and living better lives.

Now isn’t that the Pot calling the Kettle black?

Now to answer his so-called “challenge” to me, which is not a challenge, but an attempt to discredit me and to mislead otherwise sane people.

Tyron says:

The law of the land in America is Anglo-Saxon, Common, Natural, Christian (NT) law.

Anna says:

That simply isn’t true and it is ignorant to think so. The “Law of the Land” worldwide is the Law of Moses and has always been so for thousands of years. This is because Moses parted the Red Sea and walked across on dry land—- thus overcoming the Law of Noah, also known as the Law of the Sea.

The Nohide “laws” were implemented by Bush the Sr in the DC/US legal fiction codes who like all Presidents for along time, including today, are pawns of the “Jews”.

NOAHIDE LAWS, Decapitation for Confessing “JESUS IS LORD”

Need I say more?

Tyron says:

Our law is inherently Patriarchal and specifically used to Govern our ethnic, racial peoples- whites/European Americans who are the founding, reigning stock of America and all of her lawful Governments.

Anna says:

No, Roman Law is patriarchal and especially Roman Civil Law, which is the foreign and pagan scourge we have been living under. American Common Law has not been practiced in this country since 1939, but it is not limited by the past and does not live in the past. It lives according to fixed principles— for example, the jury rules and has the right to nullify any law it doesn’t like, and there must be an actual injured party for a controversy to exist. These principles are not rooted in any “patriarchy” nor any other requirements of foreign Roman Law.

Anna is operating under Roman law as the self professed “Left hand of the Pope” who admitted that Rome had changed their Patriarchal order to Matriarchal (allowing women in positions of authority). Our Anglo-Saxon Common/Natural/Christian law is patriarchal, is the law of the land (for example Bill of Rights comes from the Magna Carta) and this is also proved by the Apostle Paul’s command about women having no authority over men in in 1 Timothy 2:12  and also in  1 Corinthians 7:4

Tyron says:

Women are not to hold positions of public authority over men according to our Christian NT law and this is backed by the law of nature as well as our common law traditions (until the advent of the US Corporation 1871).

Anna says:

Tyron makes the common mistake of following the Disciple (Paul) and not the Master. Christ had 33 years to “put women in their place” and the only place He put them was close beside Him. All this clap-trap about women being subservient came from Paul, a Roman Jew raised in the pagan Roman system of patriarchy. Since I call myself a “Christian” and not a “Paulian” I follow the example and teaching of Jesus who is my Master and my only Master and I take Paul with a large grain of salt, much as I do any other man. Evil and self-serving men have used Paul’s inbred prejudices as a Roman and his limitations as a man as an excuse for their own will to dominate and disrespect and oppress women. I have no respect for them nor for their motives.

Paul is an Apostles of Christ and all of the Apostles were of ONE MIND AND ACCORD. ALL of the Apostles were MALES, not ONE FEMALE PROVING THE PATRIARCHAL ORDER JUST AS ALL OF THE PATRIARCHS OF THE 12 TRIBES WERE MALE AND NOT FEMALE. Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin not an Esau ‘Jew”

Tyron says:

No women has ever held a position of judge under our law from the time of the advent of the Apostles and early Christian Church (Not RCC) – from America’s founding, up to the advent of the legal fiction code system that she says she opposes.

Anna says:

Actually, women have always been judges and prophetesses among the Hebrews and always will be. It is the foreign, pagan, domineering law of Rome and Roman patriarchy that dictated that men be judges and which caused the despicable mistreatment of women and the promotion of sodomy and pedophilia and so many other ills. So instead of promoting more of that we are following the traditions and the principles of the Common Law itself—-in which people choose their judges. If Tyron doesn’t want to be judged by me because he is a woman-hater, he doesn’t have to contract with me. There are plenty of male judges around, including my husband, who would love to grind a nasty misogynist like Tyron into the dirt.

Actually, women can be prophetesses but cannot hold authority over man. We are in the New Contract, not the OLD Contract where there was only one female Judge, Deborah who during the time of Judges cited her authority being from I AM whereas Anna says she worships Christ denying the New Contract and our law saying she worships ‘Jesus’ yet she also cites her authority from the Pope who by definition is an Anti Christ (his seal is 666). Asking women to go back to their ordained role is not hate but an act of love for Jewish feminism has been the battering ram that has destroyed the white family Christian structure (not to mention many other races families). As to her Husband, that is who she ought to be speaking through for as even Paul proclaimed it is a shame upon women who speak in the church. They should remain silent and bring up any questions they have to their husbands at home.

So, let’s sum this up: Tyron Parsons and other white men who are self-admittedly calling themselves “Israelites” and claiming to be descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel are still lost morally and spiritually.

No, we do sin, I sin, we all fall short but what separates people like myself from the likes of Anna is that we ADMIT our sins and call a spade a spade as Anna and her Esau “Jew” ilk are the one who’re being boastful, hating men, being a total hypocrite as she also helps destroy the family structure in her desire to rule over both man and God.

They have caused destruction everywhere they have gone for thousands of years—–like a plague or a parasite that just keeps moving from host to host.

They have done it by worshiping false gods and adhering to wrong principles and refusing to repent their mistakes and misdeeds.

When people worship false gods, things predictably go to pot.

WOW, just WOW. See what I mean? White males are to blame for all of the world’s woes for “thousands of years” and this as she worships the Esau Jew, her own gender and is the self professed left hand of the Anti Christ Pope.

Instead of looking for scapegoats, they should be tearing down the “Statue of Liberty” which is nothing but a giant effigy of Ashtoreth, the Mother of Harlots and All Abominations and the Washington Monument which is nothing but a dead man’s severed penis in effigy, too. Why not send both those symbols of their foreign, pagan religion back to France and the Freemasons they came from?

The abomination that causes desolation is the “messiah” the main Anti Christ that the ‘Jews’ the Anti Christ Pope and Anna seek to install in ‘Israel’ in place of the authentic Jesus Christ who will take over their JWO with 144,000 hand picked white/European Israelites in perfect accord with Obediah and Revelation.

That would at least symbolically address the real problem.

When we do overcome (And I can only HOPE to be one of them) it will LITERALLY address all of our and the world’s problems for when this happens we whites/Europeans will ACTUALLY get our inheritance back that the ‘Jews’ and the Anti Christ Pope have stolen from us which Anna says she is trying to secure back for us with her filings and pleadings for us which will NEVER HAPPEN!

Notice, Anna won’t post this to her cite because she knows that in doing so, she will loose many/most of her misled followers.


About David Robinson

REVISED: David Robinson is an Author and Journalist living in the mid-coast area of Maine. He is a Graduate and Alumni of the Brunswick Police Academy. He served as a JUROR seated on the Cumberland County, Maine, Grand Jury for the first four-month session of 2014. Publisher Robinson served 3 months of a 4-month sentence for Conspiracy to defraud the United States, at the FCI Berlin minimum security Satellite Camp in Berlin New Hampshire, as retaliation after he and a friend sued the IRS, unsuccessfully, for Unfair Trade Practices, under Title 15 of the US Code. +++ Maine Lawsuit Against The IRS: For Unfair Trade Practices ( +++ Failure to File & Conspiracy: United States vs. Messier & Robinson - No. 2:14-cr-00083-DBH ( +++ On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District Court of Maine / REPLY BRIEF OF ROBINSON ( +++ Books by David E. Robinson (
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