TRANSCRIPT – of certain key statements from the 36 minute video ‘CERN Making Earth A Time Bomb’ in the following article below ‘CERN Physicists “We’ve done something we shouldn’t have done.”’

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[9:36] So there’s a physical effect to the spiritual world and antimatter. And often demonic entities and all these paranormal things are attracted to antimatter. They’re attracted to it. When they bring . . . when every . . . for every gram of anti-matter that’s produced, and then it’s brought into this world where they produce it, it attracts things from another dimension coming here.

What is CERN going to do?

It will allow humanity to produce pounds of antimatter. What’s happening, that is the unseen portion of dark matter, and of course you have the angels which govern what that realm can and cannot do.

It’s not the . . . You know what . . . ? It’s a shame that I have to continue to say this . . . It’s a shame that the Christian community cannot believe the Bible when it’s talking about things like that, because it’s going to cause them to be harmed. What they can’t . . . what they fail to adopt from the Bible . . . what they fail to believe, is going to harm them. It’s going to harm them.

They may not be lost in their spirit, but they’re certainly going to have lumps all over the place. It’s going to harm them.

Then I hope people have a general understanding of matter which we can touch and feel and observe, and antimatter which we cannot touch, feel, or observe. However it’s working in tandem with matter, because everything is balanced, to be a subject of Lucifer in the spiritual sense, because God is balance. Everything has balance. There is dark, there is light. There is good, there is bad. Everything has balance. [11:27]


[17:05]  Now, a person’s thought . . . how a person feels . . . and doctors know about this too . . . how a person feels will determine which energy they draw from.

You can draw from this realm, the good realm, and you have positive results. That’s called faith. That’s why doctors believe in it. That’s why they give out placebos. They know that if a person believes that something is helping them, they have it within themselves to repair. They can command their bodies to be repaired simply based on belief. And people think that they work. And people have recovered from cancer. People have recovered from back injuries.

Quadriplegics have been prepared, simply by their own faith.

This other realm, because that energy is contained in another dimension so to speak, that’s the containment Wall, but when a person draws that energy in, it is the opposite of this realm.

In this realm again, we have to light a piece of wood with a flame to catch it on fire. In that realm it’s already on fire. You have to contain it, to see the wood because it’s engulfed in flames. It’s the opposite of this realm.

When a person changes their emotional state, their energy changes, and they begin to draw their energy from this other dimension that’s a chaotic and violent an uncontainable place where they draw dark matter from, intimately linked, and it’s in operation all the time. Now the scientists, they are aware of this.

Now here’s the other part which is not so comforting.

They know that forces do change which will, in fact, allow them to have better results and believe me, it’s timed perfectly. It’s timed perfectly.  [19:10].


[22:18]  Dark matter can come into this realm through people. That’s in fact what they discovered in 1950. That people can also produce dark matter by way of . . . it’s very minute . . . it’s very tiny . . . but it’s measurable. It’s quantifiable. In fact, they now know how much energy a person has to have before they go absolutely berserk. They also know how much of that energy signature a person must have before an entity from that realm can possess them.

Which also allowed them to understand that not everybody can be possessed.

The person has to be prepared. To be possessed thay have to be, in essense, they have to be a portal themselves to be possessed. Not everybodfy can be possessed. [23:11]


[24:00] If a person trusts their father, they don’t need the father to explain everything, they just need to know that the father said it, and they’ll go do it. If you tell a child, you need to go rake the yard, a child’s not going to sit there an say, what brings you to that conclusion? A child’s not going to do that.

John 1:3

You’ll just go out there and rake the yard.

Over time, you’ll find out why, but you have already preformed what the father said. But in the Christian community we have to know why everything is, before we do anything.

In the scientific community they see the facts. they know they don’t understand it fully, and so they have experiments, and they learn along the way. In fact, they’re obedient to their own disciplines, and we’re not obedient to our own disciplines.

Psalm 27:10

So the ptoblems about CERN . . . I know everybody is waiting on this . . .

What potentially could happen from this?

Well, they had another discovery. That dark matter causes other pieces of dark matter, that they have contained, to react. In other words, if you have a container . . . say you had a teaspoon of dark matter . . . let’s just say you had it in Pensylvania and somebocy also had that same teaspoon of dark matter in California, then as soon as the teaspoon of dark matter gets exposed to the elements in Pensylvania, it causes the dark matter in Califlrnia to begin to activate.

In other words, you loose containment in one place, containment in another place is going to be lost. So they are intimately tied together. [25:48]


[27:00] This is not theoretical. This is not some theory somebody thought up. This is absolutely 100% quantifiable. And it’s happened before. It’s going to happen in greater numbers. This time it will take effect.

That’s also been weaponized. Nobody know this. And I’ll probably be in trouble for this. But they have a weapon concerning dark matter that they can put within a country or a specific place to cause chaos. It’s a weapon. They’ve used it before. They can unleash this and it can cause chaos anywhere they want chaos to be rampant.

Also there’s something very important about that. I know this first hand. They oftentimes have to partake in the weapon development program. And you become a rat, so to speak, in a maze to see first hand what the effects are going to be. [28:02]


[Testimony here.]


[32.00] When this does power up, the immediate effects are not what I am worried about. That’s not my concern. The psychological effect on people is going to become quite evident. And I know that people will come under some strange attacks. Some strange occurances, and incidents. I know that the only way they can be protected from such things is their unqualified belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You can’t fake it. There is no substitute.

People know if a person is real or not because they omit a different energy. That energy is that Wall that this other realm cannot breach. It can’t breach it. And it’s absolutely going to take effect.

The collider . . . Think of a collider as hundreds of nuclear explosions taking place within a second in their containment. It goes beyond fusion. It’s in a realm by itself when they collide protons.

They are going to find these particles.

And within months they’re going to put into motion what we talked about today and people are going to feel these effects. And in this other realm, it’s going to begin to spill over in multiple places everywhere.

Violence will increase. [33:31]


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