Immortal Regiment movement spreads from Russia to cities worldwide, with thousands of people in 42 countries!

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We want to introduce you to one of the predictions of the famous people and Saints about Rossya-Russia, its future and about the future of the Russian People.

The very famous Bulgarian blind prophetess, Vanga, often gave predictions that were unique. Surprisingly, the majority of these predictions came true.

In 1980s, Prophetess Vanga said,

“Russia will become a great power, when the dead rise from their graves and will be on a par with the living.”

«Россия станет Великой Державой, когда мёртвые восстанут из могил и станут в один ряд с живыми»

When Baba Vanga predicted this in 1980s, people were shocked and could not imagine how the dead can rise from their graves and become on a par with the living people.

Now, we see that this prophecy refers to the action The Immortal Russian Regiment. This action honors not only the soldiers, but also those who provided an invaluable assistance to the front during the WWII. Blind Prophetess Vanga made many predictions during her life. Most of Vanga’s prophecies are very vague.  And yet they are much clearer than those in the same of Nostradamus.

For example, Baba Vanga made in 1980, one of the most shocking of her predictions. She said the following: “At the end of the century, in August 1999, or 2000, Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn him.”  Russia has the City of Kursk that is at the center of Russia and could not be under water. People did not take seriously this prediction in 1980.  However, 20 years later, what seemed utter absurdity, suddenly acquired terrible eaning with the nuclear submarine “Kursk”. . .

It is obvious that Vanga’s prophecies about Russia and the Russian people are fantastic and incredible.

Below, I placed Mr. Jim Dean’s article, Russian Immortal Regiment WWII marches go Worldwide.   Read it with my blessings.

Nina Sidorova

The Immortal Regiment marches pay tribute to WW2 heroes worldwide

The Immortal Regiment movement has spread from Russia to cities worldwide, with thousands of people in 42 countries across the globe already marching or getting ready to march in commemoration of their loved ones who fought in World War Two.

Moscow, Russia—Rossya

St. Petersburg, Russia—Rossya

Prague, Czech Republic

Washington (The USA)

France: Paris

Vienna, Austria


Spain, Australia, Lebanon, The USA, Canada,


Madrid, Spain

New York, US

Austria, Vienna

London, UK

Chisinau, Moldova

Toronto, Canada

Montreal, Canada

Kazakhstan, Astana

Seattle, The USA

Rome, Italy

Athens, Greece 

Beirut, Lebanon

Australia: Brisbane

China, Beijing 

Lugansk, Donbass-Novorossya

Armenia: Yerevan

Azerbaijan: Baku

Serbia, Belgrade

Siberia and Russian Far East; Rossya-Russia  

Donbas, Donetsk, Novorossya  

Odessa, Ukraine

Russia: Vladivostok

Ukraine: Arrests made as nationalists disrupt Kiev Immortal Regiment action 

         Russian Immortal Regiment WWII marches go Worldwide
More than 700 thousands people marched in the Russian Immortal Regiment in Moscow



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