Official Tally: 14 Bodies Recovered In Barrels Buried On Clinton Estate

 The official number of bodies recovered from the Clinton estate in upstate New York is 14, says Quantico’s Chief Medical Examiner:

“We have found, altogether, the complete remains of 14 human beings, all believed to be female in their late teens through early 20s. It looks like the most recent was reported missing in 2005. That number includes the three women recovered last night. Their torsos were in one of the other barrels. Not all 14 have been identified yet.”

LOTF correspondent on the scene Anatata Fukkuhiro says that no cameras or interviews are being allowed but that she can clearly see the Clintons still sitting calmly on their front porch in rocking chairs:

“It’s like they’re taunting the FBI. They just sit there, having told the FBI they won’t be answering any questions until the recovery is complete and they can meet in a neutral location. It doesn’t seem like they have anything to worry about.”

Clinton spokesman Christopher Blair told us:

“Of course they’re not worried, you nitwits. You fell for this same shtick last time. Were you not paying attention when they discovered a serial killer who lived next door until a year or two ago? They might be thinking HE would be the obvious choice if you had to point fingers. Try not to be so stupid.”

He may be the reason the Clintons aren’t worried but the rest of us know they are far more dangerous than a guy who was caught killing a few people a bunch of years ago. Of course, the Clintons should be the first suspect.

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Jordan Maxwell – Private Interview with Zecharia Sitchin

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CIA Whistleblower: Obama’s Plans To Destroy US And Seize Power; 70 Agency DHS To Enforce Martial Law

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Why Checkpoints Are Wrong

Chris Voluntaryist @ChrisVoluntaryist
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America Closing In On Civil And Global War – By Chuck Baldwin June 22, 2017

America is edging closer and closer to both civil and global war.

There isn’t much unity in the “United” States these days. Resentment, bitterness, anger, and hatred in people from the left and the right are growing exponentially by the day. The liberal media, such as the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc., are constantly flaming hatred against conservatives and Christians. And the so-called conservative media, such as FOX News, Alex Jones, etc., are flaming hatred against liberals and Muslims. Both sides are equally hate filled. And both sides are equally manipulated by globalists.

It is no hyperbole to say that the days leading up to the War for Southern Independence were no more volatile than the days in which we live today. America is literally tearing itself apart. The globalists, who are experts at dividing people and turning people against each other, are truly having their way in America today–maybe more than ever.

For years, people seemed to see through the whole left/right, Democrat/Republican, liberal/conservative paradigms. But since last year’s elections, that whole phony, globalist-created system is back with a vengeance.

On any given day, any major American city could–and often does–become a war zone. In fact, more people are killed in America’s big cities than are killed in active combat zones overseas. Beyond that, more U.S. servicemen kill themselves than are killed by enemy combatants.

At the same time, the Trump White House has quickly taken us to the precipice of World War III. While claiming to fight terrorism, Trump is sending over $500 million (the actual figure is up in the billions) of military aid to one of the BIGGEST sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia. He is helping the House of Saud commit genocide against the people of Yemen; he is launching missiles into Syria; he is bombing Syrian troops (these troops are among the ones truly fighting ISIS); he is shooting down Syrian jets; he has U.S. and NATO troops playing war games on Russia’s borders; and he is all but promising to go to war with one of Russia’s closest allies: Iran–and for what reason? Donald Trump is doing just about everything a U.S. president can do to ignite war with Russia (so much for his campaign promise to foster friendship with Russia and to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for their terrorist atrocities).

Writing for, Ryan Cooper opines, “An all-out nuclear exchange between the United States and Russia is one of the few things that could threaten human extinction. Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, would be killed in the immediate attack, blowing the world economic system apart, and beginning what would probably be several years of nuclear winter, devastating agriculture. People might survive in remote locations . . . . It would be the worst disaster in history, by several orders of magnitude.”

Cooper continues, “So what are we doing in Syria to justify ratcheting up tensions with Russia? The prospect of nuclear warheads a mere few dozen miles off the American coast [with the Cuban Missile Crisis] was at least a comprehensible strategic threat. In Syria there is not only no strategic threat, there is not even a realistic American objective of any kind.”

See the column here:

Memo To America: You Should Still Be Terrified Of World War III

Whether Trump is naive, foolhardy, and reckless or whether he is a brilliant globalist plant who–along with a faux opposition media (and a gullible conservative media)–pulled off a masterful deception on the American people last November, only God knows. It really doesn’t matter. The results are the same: America is on the verge of exploding–internally and globally.

This is surreal.

Here is what’s nagging me like an itch that won’t go away: Contrary to his campaign rhetoric of wanting to “drain the swamp,” Trump has loaded his administration with establishment toadies, neocons, and globalists. These are the same ones who are ostensibly giving him so much trouble now. Like Trump was not smart enough to know what these people were all about before he appointed them. Right!

Here is the current list of CFR members and fellow travelers and Bilderberg attendees Trump has appointed to his administration so far (the number surpasses the number Barack Obama appointed, by the way):

CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump

But the one to watch out for the most is Vice President Mike Pence.

Right now, the subject being talked about the most in private discussions inside the Beltway is the speculation that Trump is going to resign at some point and turn all of this chaos over to Pence, who will then become the hero who will restore calm and stability to D.C.–and restore the globalists’ quiet control over the U.S. government at the same time. Of course, the discussions rarely mention the globalists. Globalists are like the devil: everyone knows he exists, but no one wants to talk about him.

Here is a sample of what I’m talking about:

Man On A Wire: Mike Pence’s Tightrope Act

And as noted above, and just like every president (of both parties) of recent memory, Trump has already put the globalists’ lackeys in key positions of government.

If G.W. Bush was the “decider-in-chief,” Donald Trump is the “delegator-in-chief.” Trump has conveniently turned the vast majority of day-to-day decisions (including decisions on who to kill) over to the likes of Jared Kushner, James Mattis, Mike Pence, et al. Oh, yes, and his daughter, Ivanka Kushner.

And speaking of G.W. Bush, Pence could be his political and ideological twin. Pence is a professing Christian with a mild and affable demeanor; and more importantly, like Bush, he is a trusted globalist insider. Of course, right now, no one knows for sure how deep Pence’s globalist roots go. But for globalists to be raising his stock in Washington, D.C., and already referring to him as “President Pence,” it is safe to assume that Pence has been well-schooled and well-groomed by the globalist elite.

Of course, Bush’s family is a royal family of the New World Order. Their globalist lineage goes back to supporting Adolph Hitler and the Nazis in World War II. For all intents and purposes, the Bush family–maybe more than any other single American family–INVENTED the neocon movement (which is little more than Americanized fascism) in this country.

Most “liberals” hate Donald Trump; and most “conservatives” hate Hillary Clinton. Plus, rank-and-file “conservatives” nationally were fed up with establishment toadies such as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Lindsey Graham, et al. But they were perfectly content to accept the little-known, small-State “conservative” governor as Donald Trump’s second. After all, who really pays much attention to the vice presidential candidate in a presidential campaign anyway?

But Mike Pence is the guy who would be able to appease liberals and sedate conservatives–just like G.W. Bush. But unlike Bush, Pence could never have won the election last year. So, how clever it would be to let the “outsider” Donald Trump carry this insider to the White House and then, in the midst of political turmoil, civil unrest, and impending global conflict, turn the reins over to the guy that the globalists wanted in the White House all along. And if Pence became President, just watch: political division, civil unrest, and global conflict would largely dissipate (except for the radical left, who, like the radical right, cannot live peacefully with themselves, much less anyone else). Calm would be restored, and the globalists would be able to quietly go on about their work of constructing their utopian New World Order without opposition from the “little” people.

“Far-fetched,” you say? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing is certain: America is as divided as it has ever been. And there is not the slightest doubt in my mind that the shadowy powers-that-be are manipulating the right and the left, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, and Christians and Muslims like pawns on a chessboard.

In the meantime, America is edging closer and closer to civil and global war.

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Here is my column describing THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS:

A Great Way To Celebrate Independence Day

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© Chuck Baldwin  

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Image BREAKING: President Trump Calls For An End To Immigrant Welfare With 1 Special Exception

Over the last years, illegal immigration has become one of the main issues in America.

President Donald Trump announced at a rally Wednesday night that he will ask Congress to pass legislation banning immigrants from accessing public assistance within five years of entering America.

In a campaign-style rally in Grand Rapids, Iowa, the president claimed it’s time for new immigration rules. Those who seek admission into the U.S. must be able to support themselves financially and shouldn’t use welfare during the period.

Analysts assume this proposal would build on the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA). The legislation was passed during Bill Clinton’s administration and stated that an immigrant is not eligible for any federal means-tested public benefit for five years, starting on the date the immigrant enters America.

Of course, there are some exceptions under the law as to what can be considered as this type of public benefit. Some of these include in-kind emergency disaster relief, public health assistances for some vaccines, and certain medical assistance. PRWORA also allows federal officials to deport any immigrant who becomes dependent on welfare within five years of their arrival.

Nowadays, each state has the authority to determine eligibility for local public assistance programs. In fact, foreigners who don’t have a legal status and those with non-immigrant visas are generally prohibited from those benefits altogether.While former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama rolled back most of that law’s provisions, Trump’s proposals would make more categories of federal benefits off-limits to every immigrant.

Apparently, Trump’s proposal would additionally prevent the admission of people who could become “public charges” within five years of their arrival. This label has been part of the U.S. immigration law for over a century. It allows the government to ban entry to anyone who is likely to seek for public assistance. Trump’s plan would toughen up the rules.

In fact, the Trump administration already circulated a draft of an executive order to make his proposed changes earlier this year. Basically, the president is betting a lot on this issue and he’s willing to get it done as fast as possible. But nevertheless, the remarks he made during the Grand Rapids’ rally clearly indicate he wants Congress to codify his plan into law.

Apparently, the White House will cite a 2015 report from the Center for Immigration Study in requesting these essential changes. This report revealed that 51 percent of households headed by an immigrant are using some kind of public assistant compared to 30 percent among non-immigrants families in America.


While experts have approved this report, it has also been disputed by critics who say that it doesn’t take into account the nuances of many immigrant families across the U.S.

While this announcement will reinforce Trump’s bases’ loyalty, it could also create a total mayhem in the Democratic party. Naturally, they would probably go to the victimist narrative in order to discredit the administration.

The left will likely execute a serious campaign to show why Trump’s plan is discriminatory and to slam him as a racist. In fact, it is quite possible that the liberal mainstream media will also play a role in this operation and start showing statistics that reveal how most immigrants actually don’t take from the taxpayers.

Believe it or not, that could actually be extremely beneficial for President Trump.If it is actually true that most immigrants don’t apply for public assistance then there shouldn’t be any issue with Trump pressing for this law.

If every immigrant is honestly working and contributing to the country, making a huge campaign against Trump would be political suicide. Especially after Ossoff’s defeat in the special election, where the Democratic party failed miserably by using the anti-Trump narrative.

With a Republican-dominated Congress about to enter the 2018 elections, President Trump could have a unique opportunity to materialize significant changes, repair Obama’s biggest mistakes, and start to build a stronger popularity base for a possible reelection in four years.

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‘Unprecedented’ Amount of Child Porn Discovered in the Vatican

Largest Catholic Church pedophile bust in history By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle on 22nd June 2017

a huge amount of child porn has been discovered in the vatican

A huge amount of child porn has been discovered in the Vatican

As the Catholic Church battles to stem their continuing exposure of clerical pedophilia, detectives have uncovered an “unprecedented” amount of child pornography including images, videos and other explicit content discovered within the walls of the Vatican.

The Vatican Promotor of Justice, Gian Piero Milano, released a report in response to the allegations which he read in full to Catholic Church officials during a judicial ceremony.

Due to the Catholic Church’s internal investigations protocol, Milano claims he is under no legal obligation to actually name names of people accused of pedophilia and possessing child pornography.

However, Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, showed a rare display of openness and named Archbishop Josef Wesolowski as one of the accused that had triggered the investigation.

Although this may seem like a forthcoming gesture by the Vatican, reports of Wesolowski not only possessing more than 100,000 images and videos of children being forced into sex acts but also of him sexually abusing multiple children in Poland and the Dominican Republic have already previously been exposed in 2014.

Read more at:–unprecedented-amount-of-child-porn-discovered-in-the-vatican
© Neon Nettle

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