A conversation with 13 year old physicist Maxwell Loughan at the United Nations

. . . about physics, Nikola Tesla, and a new definition of God related to a children’s book I — Richard Greene – wrote on the subject. www.TheNewDefinitionofGod.com.

I am as honored to share this young man with you as I was to share other great world leaders in my “Words That Shook The World” book and my TED Talk on The 7 Secrets of The Greatest Speeches in History. https://youtu.be/i0a61wFaF8A

You can follow 13 year old Max Loughan at https://m.facebook.com/Loughan-Labs-LLC-1718386878383241/.

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Ireland Begins Arresting Top Bankers Responsible For 2008 Crash

Ireland arrests bankers responsible for 2008 financial crash

Ireland are following in Iceland’s footsteps by jailing its top bankers responsible for the 2008 financial crash. 

Following from last year’s mass incarceration of 26 bankers in Iceland, Ireland is going to prosecute the 2005-2008 CEO of Anglo Irish Bank, David Drumm, on 33 criminal charges.

Anonhq.com reports:

These include two charges of conspiracy to defraud and false accounting relating to €7.2 billion in deposits placed in Anglo Irish Bank accounts by the then Irish Life and Permanent, between March and September 2008.

16 of the 33 charges relate to unlawfully authorizing billions in loans (to be invested back into Anglo Irish Bank) to 16 wealthy investors, in a bid to artificially prop up Anglo Irish Bank’s share price before its December 2008 collapse. Each of the 33 offenses carries a 5 or 10 year jail term, except for a single count of conspiracy to defraud, which has a maximum penalty of an “unlimited term of imprisonment” under Irish law.

According to Cape Cod Times, Anglo Irish Bank was nationalized in January 2009, but the financial crisis before and after the nationalization destroyed Ireland’s economy, with taxpayers forced to shoulder costs of $32 billion to cover bad debt and repay investors. The collapse of its economy forced Ireland to take EU and IMF bailout packages worth up to £77 billion in November 2010.

Hide-And-Seek With A Swindler

Drumm stepped down from Anglo Irish Bank in December 2008, leaving Ireland for Boston in June 2009 after the Bank’s collapse. The collapse was said to cost Irish citizens around €30 billion, close to one-fifth of Ireland’s annual output. In 2010, he filed for bankruptcy under U.S. law; however, a Boston court dismissed his application in early 2015, saying he had lied and acted in a fraudulent manner in his bid to be declared bankrupt in the United States. Finding Drumm “not remotely credible,” the court ruled that he could be held liable for debts of €10.5 million in Ireland.

Subsequently, Ireland sent an extradition file to the U.S. government, outlining charges to be prepared against Drumm on 33 different offenses. Consequently, Drumm was arrested by U.S. Marshals in October 2015, spending much of the next five months in a maximum security prison south of Boston. Though he began a series of court requests to fight extradition and be allowed bail, he changed his mind after two failed attempts to secure bail and came back to Ireland in March 2016 to contest the charges.

A day after his extradition, back to Dublin from the U.S., Drumm walked free from the prison after securing bail in Ireland when his parents-in-law agreed to a €100,000 independent surety from their joint bank account to satisfy the bail conditions. The father of two daughters also provided his own cash surety of €50,000.

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Public “Disclosure” with Mr Keshe, Friday July 29 2016

“Disclosure” – A special Public teaching session with Mr Keshe
Friday July 29 2016 at 10:00 am CEST (1 AM Pacific time)

Please spread the word!

Livestream at:
Knowledge Seekers Workshops Zoom Meetings are held at:
Youtube Streaming channel:

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Keshe Foundation Special Update – New Generator Design, Corporate Retailer Buys One Million Units, SpaceShip Tech – (Notes and Video)


Notes Provided By Didi Annapurna

I listened to the Keshe Foundation’s latest Special Presentation video and made some notes. I don’t know if anyone has posted the video already as the search in BIN is not working now. I thought maybe you would like to read a bit too. Sorry if any mistakes, as his speesh is a bit confusing for me. Keshe was introducing his new Magravs-Power Plasma Generator, which produces up to 3 kW. It includes two units connected. Although it still has to be connected to the house electric mains, it is not that complicated as the one Magrav Unit system – as far as I understand.

One of the major corporations in the world, a multi store retail group, has ordered one million of these generators / month! And another 1 million ordered! So now the problem is to find manufacturers. He also mentioned that 20-25 people in Belgium bought earlier magrav units, and couldn’t get it or their payment back, due to some legal problem … but now they can get…

You can see the magrav plasma generator in operation in video below. The guy has connected fridge, lamps, fan, heater, toaster, etc. Keshe mentions that the blueprint needs few things to make it better. Next they will build such two unit generator, that it doesn’t need to be connected to mains. Then the space ship program will be easy to start, as there is a power source.

Keshe says that Africa will shine in space technology. According to him one of the most important videos what you will see in Keshe foundation teachings; someone in Kenya has created motion without any material, on video at 31.00. There is mixture of all kind of gans in a ball on top of bottle, and the liquid starts moving on bottom of the bottle. It can be controlled by mind! For that purpose one has to add own amino acids – own cells, blood or so – in order to have connection to the space ship, that it doesn’t fly away! No need to burn oil or even have wheels soon.

One space ship builder is telling that all kind of birds, baby armadillos, foxes etc love to visit in his place constantly, attracted by magrav! Keshe promises that in few weeks you will see the space ship! (Not the flying car, which he “promised” already long time ago). Keshe is invited to China without visa if he can do it with his spaceship! He will also show soon how to make loads of gold! Keshe Foundation is getting free of the gangsters, that tried to stop his work, criminal investigation case has started. If I got it right, Keshe says they murdered one child in order to stop his work!.

(You may have noticed many ! signs, as I was wondering things, and tried to keep myself grounded).

Keshe special Presentation July 26, 2016, magrav plasma generator in operation, at 14.30, and motion without any material, on video at 31.00


Time to get free of the Matrix ! Hoping at least that the generator works better than the one Magrav unit, which he even himself admitted at some point produces approximately only 30% free energy. Some people didn’t seem to get it functioning at all, but I think many more don’t want to show it up on public as they can be threatened. Now two generator units have to function together! ETs sources are also claiming there are groups of scientist in earth working with ETs to bring out the free energy solutions soon. And if gold would be really so easy to produce, one can only imagine how big a mess it would create in the world! Indian yogi also said gold can be made even out of Mercury, so why not !

This summer I watered our plants with gans water and a hose which has nano coated copper pipe between two hoses. The plants are growing really huge and the garden is more like a jungle already now, so full. Just one example when I stand by the dill line it reaches on top of my head, although the seedlings were difficult to start with as it was so dry. I don’t know how much it has to do with fertilizing and how much with nano things, but the nano could be very well functioning, as also the Keshe pain pad works so well. I should have watered part of the area without nano coated pipe to really test it, but it was a bit complicated to take the pipe out between.

What about animals attracted to Magrav? At least one baby rabbit appeared on my garden ! I happen to find it before our dogs, as it was just lying down without moving. When I gave it milk, the baby rabbit recovered quickly. It didn’t eat anything else yet, just milk for one week. I had to even build a cage for it. The story had a catastrophic end so you may stop reading here.

Our dogs broke the cage in the night and ate the poor rabbit. The next morning after I had given bowls of food for the dogs, I noticed the broken cage and shouted at the dogs. For two days I didn’t speak anything to them and they didn’t eat the provided food either. Only when I spoke to them on the third day, the other dog went immediately to eat the food. I only recovered from my deep grief by trying to see the rabbit spirit floating around in the magrav fields, that seems I have built around!

Beautiful Keshe space ships, hoping to see them soon. Credit  ©http://keshefoundation.org/applications/space

Video short, pens on ice water test; Magrav plasma field observed controlled test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzSYGDqcBVI

Call to action Transcript and Subtitling KF SSI; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PvDZHGmsxE

Hope girl debunking Keshe, after he debunked her on video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u8q3KZChLY

So lets see what will come out of all Keshe’s inventions this time !

David Wilcock Update – Contact in the D
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Benjamin Fulford: “Rothschilds, Hiding in Switzerland, Failed to Meet July 25th, 2016 Deadline Set by White Dragon Society and Allies.” What Next?” Video.

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DemExit! Hundreds Walk Out Of Dem Convention

You treat voters like they don’t matter and then you force your will on them and expect them to keep on accepting it like sheep? Sooner or later the people will wake up and tear at your foundation you thought was solid! 

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Sweep the ‘White House’ clean of “all” vermin





The America

I grew up in has been murdered by it’s own ‘federal government’. 

Our Constitution has become meaningless with laws so badly enforced they are no longer enforced except for political purposes. 

Our ‘elected’ officials are utterly corrupt and completely devoid of any love or respect for the country that pays them.

To them everything is about getting power and money from illicit back room deals.

I will no longer be a participant in these deals.

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